Thursday, October 21, 2010

First Blog Post

Here I go! My first post and I honestly don't know quite where this is headed. I have been inspired by great bloggers in the Metro Detroit area and by a close friend of mine who recently started her own blog about a month ago. She recently moved to Indonesia and is sharing her experiences in a real and honest way. Check it out here:

I chose to start a blog because I felt it would be great to have an outlet, to challenge myself, to better my writing skills, and even more importantly go beyond my comfort zone. 
When I think about the things I'm passionate about or hobbies of mine, two things pop into my head: my dog Bella and gardening. So I feel this blog may focus on those topics and more. I want to make a difference and I think about the great work another friend of mine is doing to help get shelter dogs adopted. She works with "delinquent" or troubled students and works with local animal shelters. The students help train the dogs. The students find their passion and help to improve the lives of the shelter dogs and the dogs are more adoptable because they are well-trained. Voila! Both parties win! I think my next post may focus more on her organization and the cool things they are doing.

More to come...

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